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During your trial, you agree to train at Kung Fu Zone (KFZ) at your own risk and accept and understand that there are dangers involved in practising any martial art. Whilst KFZ does its utmost to ensure that all members and those on a trial period behave in as safe a way as possible, KFZ cannot accept responsibility for the actions of all individual members and non-members of KFZ. By consenting to a trial, you accept that there are risks involved and you will be vigilant at all times to safeguard your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others training with you. In the interests of safety and responsibility, no techniques should be demonstrated to anyone without the express permission of a KFZ instructor.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, KFZ is not liable to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred by you howsoever caused and shall not be liable for any consequential loss of any kind incurred by you, even if KFZ was notified in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage.


You agree to conduct yourself appropriately outside class. Kung fu techniques should only be used in self-defence and in the same measure as was directed against you. Please remember that self-defence is a legal principle to apply to defending yourself with commensurate force. You also agree to abide by the instructions of the instructor at all times whilst attending classes and other events organised by KFZ.


You have a duty to inform an instructor immediately if you attend a KFZ class or other event and you suspect or know that you are suffering from any medical condition, ailment or injury which may affect or which may have implications for you, other KFZ members and/or instructors.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you are in a fit state to participate in KFZ classes. You should report any injuries immediately to the instructor or if there is an injury sustained outside of the club as soon as possible and prior to training in a KFZ class.


what our students say


I have been training at Kung Fu Zone for a little over an year and I am loving every minute of it. Shkar is incredibly knowledgeable and his advice is invaluable. All the people in class are very nice and everyone is always willing to help each other. I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn martial arts and self-defence.

Denis Hristov

One of the best decisions I made is to register my 4 year-old daughter to Kung Fu class with Kristina! I love the way this Martial Art is taught by Kung Fu Zone, and the values it instills in children. It is not only about teaching them self-defense, it is also about teaching them discipline, channeling their energy, and practicing enriching habits that will only empower them growing up. Kristina is the perfect instructor to convey to kids all of the above.

Lynn Bedran

My experience with kung-fu zone has been life changing. Originally went in to learn a few kicks here and there for my acting skill set, however I have gained more then that and the gift of regular kung-fu and tai-chi classes keeps on giving. Love having this practice in my routine and would recommend it to anyone. The community is welcoming and not intimidating at all. It’s a safe space to learn, train, fail and grow. Big thank you to Shkar and Kristina for creating such a wonderful environment, who I can call a kung-fu family.


I have recently joined Kung Fu Zone school and already reaping the benefits.
The quality of the training is excellent, paired with any explanation needed during the sessions. The combination of the Tai Chi classes, slower pace but requiring a lot of focus and the Kung Fu classes are both efficient workouts and rewarding disciplines.
Thank you Shkar and Kristina for the great opportunity to train in your school.


Since starting my training with Kung Fu Zone in November of last year, this school has reignited my passion for martial arts. The teachers are so patient and knowledgeable. Really looking forward to my training journey with this school.


We love Kristina and her class! Amazing to see her teaching the children with so much love and tenderness, but also with discipline and structure. Would definitely recommend

Carla Russo

This is a fantastic place to learn Kung Fu, with a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Shkar is an excellent instructor, knowledgable about all things Kung fu. It is a great way to meet other people, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and have fun 🙂

Ciara Wright

We joined the school during lockdown, and for my 7 year old son Kristina has been the most engaging and patient teacher we could wish for. It’s no surprise to us this school is going from strength to strength, 3 years on from our son’s first lesson we cannot imagine our Saturdays without this remarkable school!

Nette Megens

My son loves his Kung-fu lessons. Kristina has a lot of experience and creates a great atmosphere during class. She is firm, kind and shows children that with discipline, everything is possible. I would totally recommend!
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Sna Vergara

This class has been the best thing for my 7 year old son who has a diagnosis of ASD. Kristina is so calm and patient with all the kids and tailors her approach to each individual child. My son has found a passion for Kung Fu and looks forward to the classes every week. Best class ever!!

Alia Islam