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Shkar Sharif kung fu instructor
Shkar Sharif
Head Instructor
Shkar is the founder and head instructor at Kung Fu Zone.
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Kristina Shapova Sharif kung fu instructor
Kristina Shopova Sharif
Kristina is a senior instructor at Kung Fu Zone
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Shkar Sharif - Head Instructor

  • Official Duan Grade from the Chinese Wushu Association
  • Fully Accredited and Insured
  • National Level – Traditional Forms Judge
  • First Aid Trained
  • DBS (Formally CRB) Checked & Child Protection Trained
  • 25 + Years in the Martial Arts
  • 15 + Years Teaching

Shkar is the founder and head instructor at Kung Fu Zone, and the author of Understanding Kung Fu – Demystifying Traditional Concepts. With over twenty-five years of rich experience in martial arts, Shkar brings depth and authenticity to his teachings. He specialises in the Tiger Crane Combination Kung Fu system and the White Crane Soft Fist, known as Shuang Yang, while also training in Yang Style Taijiquan and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Beyond training physical techniques, Shkar has delved into the spiritual and philosophical traditions that often underpin martial arts. This diverse background equips him to teach martial arts in the way the ancient masters intended, adding an invaluable layer of depth and authenticity to Kung Fu Zone’s curriculum.

Under Shkar’s guidance, students at Kung Fu Zone learn not just martial techniques, but also the profound teachings that accompany them. Located in the heart of London, our school, led by Shkar, offers a holistic approach to martial arts training. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to deepen your practice, Shkar’s expertise promises a transformative journey.

Understanding Kung Fu: Demystifying Traditional Concept

This book guides the reader through the essential ideas and lessons that underlie all Chinese martial arts—helping the reader incorporate this new understanding into their training.

Kristina Shopova Sharif

  • Double Gold Medal Winner – Southern Shaolin Invitational Tournament (China)
  • Gold Medal Winner – Acropolis International Tournament 2024
  • Member of The British Wushu Team
  • National Level – Sanda Coach & Judge
  • Fully Accredited and Insured
  • First Aid Trained
  • DBS (Formally CRB) Checked & Child Protection Trained
  • 10 + Years Teaching

Kristina is a senior instructor and heads our immensely popular children’s Kung Fu school. With over 18 years of experience in traditional Chinese martial arts, her journey began with Kung Fu and Tai Chi in the mid-2000s, and there has been no turning back since. Hailing from Bulgaria, Kristina initially found her passion for physical activity as a distinguished member of a competitive aerobics group, proudly representing her country on national and international stages.

However, the moment she discovered Kung Fu, her life underwent a profound transformation. Kristina’s unwavering dedication earned her international champion status, securing two gold medals at the prestigious Southern Shaolin Invitational Tournament in China. Through her Kung Fu journey, she absorbed the invaluable virtues of discipline, hard work, and unwavering focus. Simultaneously, she nurtured qualities such as patience, compassion, and self-acceptance.

At Kung Fu Zone, Kristina brings her wealth of experience and wisdom to passionately lead our children’s curriculum. Her mission is to empower her students, guiding them to a deeper understanding of their bodies and minds. As a devoted mother of two young children herself, Kristina places paramount importance on instilling the values of effort and diligence from a young age. Her steadfast belief is that traditional martial arts, above all else, empowers individuals to realise that success in life is a direct result of their dedication and unwavering commitment.

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