Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

I often get asked by other martial artists, “How long have you been training?” As the length of time training is commonly used as a measure of ability and understanding.

Length of time training is essential and a beginner can get to a satisfactory level by just putting in the hours consistently over a sustained period. But there will come a stage in one’s training where more time training isn’t enough on its own. The quality of training is the most crucial factor.

Training Quality

Training quality consists of two things,

The quality of the instruction and the teacher’s ability to explain this so that the student understands and can work on doing.
The ability of the student to follow the instruction and apply it to their practice, without adding anything or taking anything away.

The quality of one’s training will help a student very quickly advance with their Martial Arts.

Here is my little equation for Kung Fu ability.

L (Kung Fu Level)
T (Time Spent Training)
Q (Quality of Training)

L = TQ²

Time spent is vital to one’s level, but the real multiplier here is the quality of your training.

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