End of Year Thoughts – 2023

End of Year Thoughts – 2023

As we approach the end of another year, Kristina and I reflect not just on the recent months but on the decade that has shaped our Kung Fu School. We’re deeply grateful to every member, past and present, who has contributed to our journey.

2023 has been a landmark year filled with firsts. For the first time, we took to the national stage, where our students shone brightly, with three becoming National Champions. This achievement, along with numerous other medals, symbolises our collective dedication and hard work.

We organised a hugely successful children’s charity competition, raising over £3000 for The Peel’s food drive. Our younger members showed incredible skill and resilience, having fun on the day and winning many medals.

A dream realised this year was the opening of our own full-time school. This Gwan (Chinese term for school), built through the efforts of our members and friends, is more than a training space – it’s a sanctuary of our shared journey. In this Gwan, we see not just a physical space but the spirit of our Kung Fu family. Our energy is woven into its very essence, turning it into a symbol of strength and unity.

Looking towards 2024, we are excited and hopeful. We step into the new year not just as a team, but as a family united by our love for Kung Fu and self-improvement. We’re ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs ahead with the same resilience that defined this year.

Here’s to a future as bright and promising as the year we leave behind. Together, we step into 2024, eager to continue building our school’s legacy.

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